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The Government gets Involved

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On June 25th, 1947 a pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported that he had seen what is now the term "flying Saucer".  As news reporters got hold of the info throughout the country, the government watched the incident closely. As the reports on the incidents hit the radio a rancher named Mac Brazel came forward and told the town sherrif of the odd material he found on his ranch after the incident. The moment that hit the air waves, the government stepped in and sent in the army to see what this was about.





This famous picture of a high ranking Military personel examining the debris


The debris was immediately rushed away to government headquarters for testing. The picture above has been questioned about. Some say before the picture was taken officials came in gathered all evidence of the crash and replaced it with what is now known from the crash as the weather baloon. As this major goverment conspiracy was covered up, the public just listened and went along with the weather baloon story. Whether the military presense was normal since nothing like this had happened before or if it was the instant cover up of an alien crash, or even secret testing of weapons, the world may never know. Only you, with a mind may decide and use your brain to figure out the truth. You decide.


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